Nicolas Bernard – Noocity Grower in Marseille

Biography Planting vegetable gardens means working for future generations, and Nicolas finds that peachy keen! His love story with the orchard began during a year at Erasmus in Scotland. There, he discovered a farmers’ crisis similar to the one experienced by farmers in France. Far from clueless, Nicolas asked himself lots of questions about the […]

Alexandra Devaux is the Noocity Grower in the City of Reims

Biography Alexandra grew up at the edge of a family pond in the Rémois basin, where she spent all her time when she was a child. So the marketing career she got into… that wasn’t meant to last forever. After 6 years in the bubble industry, her motivation faded a bit, seeking nature more than […]

Coralie Breuvart – Grower Noocity

Biography Coralie borrowed her credo from Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And the world, she sure has travelled it! Through outdoor sports when she was young, or later during her many trips and years abroad. She was constantly importing and exporting things, and all of that made her want […]

Géraldine Walter – Noocity Grower

Biography The children she meets in her workshops think her name is “Jardine” — it does kind of sound like a name from the future! Géraldine, a Lyonnaise grower, has always been certain of one thing: that she wouldn’t work the same job for her whole life. That’s why after 15 years of working in […]

Simon Le Mellec – Noocity Grower

Biography Listening to him talk, it doesn’t sound like Simon has always had a passion for gardening… But it’s pretty rare for kids to stop in the fields of Alsace to collect corn kernels and grow them in their rooms! In fact, Simon is not only passionate about gardening, but also about all of nature […]

Carine Chevrier – Noocity Grower

Biography As a child, Carine always had a flower in her hands as she wandered through nature, her eyes wide with wonder. Even at her parents’ house, she admired her father while he gardened. She has the soul of a botanist. Now, whether she appreciates nature in the forest or at home, it is always […]

Filipa Almeida – Noocity Grower

Growers Filipa Almeida

Biography At 18 years old, on the path to university, very few people know what they want to do in life. But Filipa knew perfectly well. Born in Porto, she got her bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering and her Master of Advanced Studies diploma in environmental education, because she hoped that in the future, she […]

Pedro Rocha – Noocity Growers

Biography After more than 15 years working in large companies in Germany, Paris, and Nantes where his daily life was punctuated by double-entry spreadsheets, Yann decided to get his hands dirty by recovering a vegetable garden from a neighborhood grandfather who moved to a retirement home. As a complete beginner, he inherited a 300m2 playground! […]

Delphine Breuil – Noocity Grower

Biography What is a nature lover’s nightmare? Working in a highly polluting company. Like Delphine, who realized that the world she wanted to leave for her children wasn’t made up of asparagus imported from Peru or apples imported from Chile. It’s while trying to grow squash (her favorite vegetable) on the green spaces of her […]

Alexandre Lefebvre – Grower Noocity

Biography Alexandre loves hops. Of course, he’s Belgian, and since hops are used to make beer, it was love at first sight for him and that plant! When he’s not enjoying it with his friends, he’s stung by a love for bees. There’s a good chance that he’ll tell you about one or the other […]

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