We make
cities greener,

one vegetable garden one balcony one rooftop one neighbourhood

at a time.

Are you ready to start growing?

If you dream
of countryside
while in the city,
Noocity is for you!

We deliver everything you need to start growing.
*support included

Noocity brings into the city
the connection with nature we miss so much

After a stressful day, nothing better than a break to take care of the vegetable garden.

Connecting with your food,
tastes like crunchy lettuce, sweet strawberries and an unforgettable pesto.

The power to change the world
is in your hands.

Read what
our customers
are saying

Fábio Recalcati

What to say, amazing! I bought the growbed 1 year ago and I eatedy own salad, pepper, tomatos, the whole summer (in Italy is easer). My only concern? I have a small balcony and there is no space for other growbed!

Paulo de Mariz

We have had the Noocity Growbed (medium) for to harvests... and I mean real actual harvests! After haveing fun assembling it, my daughters, my wife and I have been feasting on fresh, organic beef tomatos (yes... those large ugly, juicy tasty ones), lettuce, carrots (such fun to learn they are buried underground!), Padrón peppers, basil and so much more.

Maike Horvath

I ordered 2x of these from the original pre-sale and have loved them 2x seasons. We live in a very windy/waterfront area and have these on a 2nd floor balcony. (...) I couldn't even image having such a lush garden, on a patio, without these beds; they are just awesome!

Filipe Reis

Just love the product. Anyone would love to have fresh, natural and healthy vegetables at home, now it's possible even within tiny spaces!

Laís Andrade

Best product for urban agriculture!! You can grow anything, at any time!!

Joana Batista

My first veggies are growing. Such a great experience. Thanks a lot!

Ricardo Gomes Pereira

The solution for urban agriculture and urban ecology.

Lurdes Rosa

What a great product! I am loving it!!

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