About Us

Noocity creates communities around the vegetable gardens in public or private spaces, promoting a connection with nature and a sense of community. The concept applies to companies, schools, condominiums, restaurants, social impact institutions, hotels, among others. 

With a versatile cultivation product that thrives in any space, high productivity efficiency, and personalized assistance from your local growers, we aim to foster self-sustaining communities. This network of growers, specialized farmers, is present in Portugal, France, Belgium, Spain, and Italy.

Noocity growers help design the garden according to the needs of our customers and the available space. They ensure maintenance and promote regular activities in the vegetable garden, strengthening team spirit among employees, increasing environmental awareness, acquiring new knowledge, among other synergies. 

These activities can contribute, for example, to improving quality of life at work, talent retention, biodiversity and sustainability empowerment. The services provided are customized according to the needs and goals of the customers.

Noocity is a company with an international vision and a local approach. 

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