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What we do

Noocity Urban Ecology is a Portuguese start-up, based in Porto (Portugal), focused on the development of smart products and services for domestic Urban Farming. We want to empower Urban Farmers to grow more and better food anywhere, in an efficient, practical and ecological way.

We believe Nature must have it’s place in the urban environment and can be smartly integrated in our day to day life, so that communities can take the best of it for their habits, interactions and health.

Our team

José Ruivo
José Ruivo
Plans to turn each one of you into an ecologist!

Here’s our idealist, José is constantly thinking on how he can change his habits, from healthier eating to less wasting he’s the preacher! With an entrepreneurial background and permaculture training he keeps his eyes on the business with his hands in the soil!

Leonor Babo
Leonor Babo
Keeps explaining our dream to everyone!

Leonor pragmatically explains our dream through images, words and a lot of passion. After living and working in Slovenia, Spain and Brasil she’s now based in Porto but spreading our word to the world once she knows this Noocity persona like you know your best friend.

Pedro Rocha
Pedro Rocha
Pedro aka the urban farmer.

Grown between the beach and the field, he had always studied and worked close to the Environment, either it was protecting it, developing it or farming it, organically! More than a teacher, a consultant or an ambientalist, Pedro is our activist and as true fan of the Noocity concept, he’ll most surely turn you into another one!

Ricardo Ferreira
Ricardo Ferreira
He will sow your wills and make them grow!

After several years dedicated to sales, Ricardo changed his cell phone for a hoe and started his own urban farm at his 100m2 “backyard”! To the personal development consultant and coach experience he added the farmer adventure and Noocity crossed his path by that way. Now he’s devoted to the task of understanding your needs and wills so that we can give you our very best answer.

Anouck Barcat
Anouck Barcat
Our foot, hand and face in France.

Graduated in Management and Marketing, Anouck was early seduced by plants and started to work as a Landscape Architect. From the tropical forests in Brazil, to the arid horizons of Maghreb she got herself fascinated with Agroecology. Once back in Paris she founded the Amap Les Brunelles.
As it happens in movies, where boy meets girl, Noocity crossed her way by chance and it was love at first sight! A solid relationship connecting Portugal to France was born since then.

Hélène Sobral
Hélène Sobral
Living proof of Urban Agriculture’s ability to conquer one’s heart.

With a long international experience, from Porto Rico to Morocco, from México to New York, Hélène had always worked with organic, social and ethic enterprises and projects. We can say that she had fallen in love twice in Portugal. The first time lead to an happy marriage of 20 years, the second time joined her to an, hopefully, very successful company: Noocity. Besides being our business developer in Paris, Hélène is also part of our international marketing chorus.

Filipa Fernandes
Filipa Fernandes
The plug plant of our edible garden!

With a degree in economics, Filipa is giving her first steps at her professional life and in the universe of Urban Agriculture. She not only help us managing the office operation but also our hungriness moments in the office, by sharing her deliciously healthy homemade snacks with us!

From scratch

By the spring of 2013, José Ruivo (PT), Pedro Monteiro (BR) and Samuel Rodrigues (PT) where working in a traditional Oporto’s building in the city centre and decided to set up an edible garden in the cement backyard. As they didn’t find the suitable products for Urban Agriculture, they joined efforts and experiences in architecture and permaculture and began making up their own equipment to grow food. In that summer, the once unused space turned into a productive and green place full of vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Realizing that idea could become a business, José Ruivo and Pedro Monteiro decided to move forward and founded the Noocity Urban Ecology. The chosen name came from mixing the prefix NOO, representing the collective consciousness (based on the noosphere concept), with the word CITY, representing the urban universe.

With evolved prototypes being tested, it was time to define a brand strategy and a way to go to market. That was the moment when Leonor Babo joined the founder’s team, taking care of the company’s communication.

In 2015 Noocity launched the Noocity Growbed, through a successful crowdfunding campaign on the indiegogo platform and delivered the first samples of the product through backers all over the world

In 2016 the company was awarded with the National Creative Industries Award and represented Portugal at the international competition, in Copenhagen, being selected among the 12 semi-finalists from a list of 60 projects.

Besides the Portuguese market, Noocity is already present in other European countries such as France, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. There are already credited resellers in Mexico and Florida and Noocity Brasil produces and sale from the São Paulo state capital to the whole country.

Among the most gardens installed so far, stands out the “presidential edible garden” in the Portuguese Presidency Palace, the Hotel Crowne Plaza Porto vegetable garden with more than 20 Growbeds and the plots installed in Foodentropie or at La Prairie du Canal in Paris.

Where we are

Polo das Indústrias Criativas do UPTEC,
Praça do Coronel Pacheco, 2,
4050-453 Porto

R. Gonçalo Afonso, 106 – Jardim das Bandeiras,
São Paulo – SP, 05436-100,

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