About Us

Noocity is a Portuguese start-up with head office in Porto, Portugal, focused on create communities around Vegetable Gardens in public or private spaces, promoting eco-transition. The concept is quite unique and applies either to companies, schools, condominiums, hotels, among others.

We start by installing the vegetable garden, using an exclusive set of high productivity growbeds we’ve developed, with low water consumption (80% reduction vs classic garden) setting it all up together with the soil and plants in just one day.

But that’s not where it stops! Beyond the garden we provide maintenance and animation, supported by our network of professional Growers, present in Portugal, France, Spain, and Italy.

Most importantly our Growers will promote the involvement of your teams (employees, students, residents or guests) around a common green project, creating new bounds amongst the staff and improving greatly wellbeing and transversal collaboration.

It gives tangible results in promoting transition and helps fulfilling your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda!

Our claim is “Ground Yourself” and we’re not only talking about self awareness, we mean reconnecting to others and, most importantly, to the planet.

A company with an international vision and a local approach.

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