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About us

Noocity Urban Ecology is a start-up, based in Oporto (Portugal) focused on enabling Urban Farming.
The name Noocity comes from merging the prefix NOO, based on the philosophical concept of Noosphere that presupposes a “mind-sphere” and an “Earth’s thinking layer”,  with the word CITY representing the urban environment.

We’re driven by the belief nature must have its place in the urban environment and that the current landscape of big cities can, and in many ways, must change.
We bring the most adequate, efficient and practical products, to inspire urban gardeners to grow more and better food in an easy and ecological way.

We launched our first product, the Growbed Noocity, in 2015 through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.
In 2016 we were recognized with the National Prize of the Creative Industries and were among the 12 semi-finalists in the global competition.

With proven great results and happy customers all around the world, we’ve an specialized network of partners where you can find our product besides our online store.

Our Team

José Ruivo
José RuivoPlans to turn each one of you into a farmer!
Here’s our idealist. José is constantly thinking how he can change habits, from eating healthier to wasting less, he is the preacher! An entrepreneur since his youth he didn’t think twice on joining Pedro as a co-founder of Noocity Urban Ecology. He runs our office like no one else, always maintaining the balance between keeping his eyes on the business and his hands on the soil!
Leonor Babo
Leonor BaboKeeps explaining our dream to everyone!
Leonor pragmatically explains our dream through images, words and a lot of passion. After living abroad and experiencing the world, she’s spreading our word from Porto, but on a global way! She knows the Noocity persona like you know your closest friend, and that’s why she’s our Brand and Communications Manager.
Pedro Rocha
Pedro RochaPedro aka the urban farmer.
We proudly present you our agricultural expert. Grown between the beach and the field, he has always studied and worked closely with the environment: protecting, developing and farming…organically, always. More than a teacher, a consultant or an ambientalist, Pedro is an activist!

Our Locations

Polo das Indústrias Criativas do UPTEC,
Praça do Coronel Pacheco, 2,
4050-453 Porto

R. Gonçalo Afonso, 106 – Jardim das Bandeiras,
São Paulo – SP, 05436-100,