The CMS Portugal vegetable garden

A role model of biodiversity and sociability

When it decided to partner with Noocity, the law firm CMS Portugal was already aware of the positive impact that a vegetable garden could have on their business ecosystem. “More than just a vegetable garden, it’s a living space where, on top of vegetables and fruit, we’re cultivating healthy relationships and behaviors”, explains Francisco Xavier de Almeida, an associate of this transnational organization of law firms (with 75 offices in more than 40 countries), which recently established its office in Lisbon.

The vegetable garden, he points out, also sets an example of the behavior to adopt in the city — “an example of good habits in large urban centers given the population’s densification.”

Noocity garden

A role model of biodiversity and sociability

Ground Yourself Program

A transition program
centered around a community garden.

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