Géraldine Walter

Géraldine grew up in the mountains and is working wonders in Lyon.

The children she meets in her workshops think her name is “Jardine” — it does kind of sound like a name from the future!

Géraldine, a Lyonnaise grower, has always been certain of one thing: that she wouldn’t work the same job for her whole life. That’s why after 15 years of working in engineering in large companies, and after a trip to Southeast Asia with her family, she could feel that she was meant to work with her hands in the dirt.

And boom! After one meeting with Yann (manager of the Growers’ network), and an exchange of a few radish cuttings, she got involved in urban agriculture with Noocity.

To be fair, Geraldine has always had a green thumb! Growing up in the Belledonne mountain range, she was able to discover all the secrets of the regional flora thanks to her grandparents, her true gardening mentors.

Today, nature sets the pace for her life. She lives in a place where artichokes and flowers mingle. And if she could take one thing to a deserted island, it would be lemon verbena, a tree with beautiful leaves which comfort her almost as much as her vegetable gardens do.

Géraldine likes to give people the chance to go green when she meets them in her workshops. And when she isn’t offering you her famous herbal tea, she is revisiting chocolate cake recipes, tossing out the butter and replacing it with some delicious zucchini. Your cholesterol will thank you!

She — like us — will repeat it time and time again: it’s never too late to enjoy nature, whether you’re 7 or even 77 years old. There’s no better thyme than now!

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Tip From The Grower

Turn leek greens into a bouquet garni to flavor your meals!

It’s time to go pick some herbs in the garden and avoid wasting the green part of your leeks, often neglected in favour of the softer white part…

It’s super simple, you’ll need: a leek, aromatic herbs (bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, etc.) and a piece of string. Cut the leek greens (about 10cm) and tie the aromatic herbs to it. Immerse it in broth immediately or store it in the freezer in a suitable container.

What do you do with summer fruit pits and dried fruit shells?

Don’t throw them away! Use them to mulch your indoor and outdoor plants, or even your flower beds if you’re a really big fan of stone fruits and shell fruits 😉No need to keep setting aside time to mulch your plants again and again…. Not even your indoor plants! Mulching stimulates the soil and helps reduce the need for watering. All you need is a little bowl in the kitchen to collect all those pits and broken hulls. The two best seasons to collect them: in the fall for walnut and hazelnut shells, and in the summer for stone fruits — and for a mulch that will be peachy keen!

By Geraldine Walter, Noocity grower in Lyon.

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