A mall’s green oasis: nurturing inclusion and sustainability

A mall’s green oasis: nurturing inclusion and sustainability Klépierre & ACIP If you had to list all the benefits of an urban garden, could you do it? After discovering the paradise of urban gardens in the cities of Porto and Guimarães, surely new benefits come to mind! The Parque Nascente and Espaço Guimarães shopping centers, […]

Nature and knowledge sharing among neighbors​

Nature and knowledge sharing among neighbors One step closer to the city of tomorrow Having your own vegetable garden or living in the heart of urban excitement: that’s a true dilemma, isn’t it? And yet, the world is evolving, cities are changing, and they are starting to go green! That’s exactly what the 5° Porto […]

Vestas’ Green Oasis: Where the Garden is the “Apple of Their Eyes”

Vestas’ green oasis: where the garden is the “apple of their eyes” Real living space for relaxation, socializing, and learning What could be better than a company that produces wind turbines also setting up a vegetable garden? That’s precisely the project that Vestas, at its Porto office, has undertaken. When they learned about the Ground […]

Filipa Almeida – Noocity Grower

Growers Filipa Almeida

Biography At 18 years old, on the path to university, very few people know what they want to do in life. But Filipa knew perfectly well. Born in Porto, she got her bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering and her Master of Advanced Studies diploma in environmental education, because she hoped that in the future, she […]

Pedro Rocha – Noocity Growers

Biography After more than 15 years working in large companies in Germany, Paris, and Nantes where his daily life was punctuated by double-entry spreadsheets, Yann decided to get his hands dirty by recovering a vegetable garden from a neighborhood grandfather who moved to a retirement home. As a complete beginner, he inherited a 300m2 playground! […]

Unilabs’ garden in Porto: Promoting health and well-being, inside and out.

Unilabs’ garden Promoting health and well-being, inside and out. Previous image Next image Unilabs Porto, a European leader in medical diagnostics, found itself on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic. To improve its employees’ well-being and to tangibly act towards sustainable development goals, the company transformed its two unused terraces into Noocity gardens. Its […]

Get to know the Porto Business School’s Vegetable Garden

The Porto Business School’s Edible Garden The largest vegetable garden ever installed on the roof of a building in Portugal. Case “Love at first sight.” That’s how Gonçalo Guerra, director of the institution, describes the connection between Porto Business School and Noocity. He discovered Noocity thanks to two colleagues who attended a sustainable management program. […]

Natixis vegetable garden: for a green, sustainable and cooperative office.

Natixis vegetable garden The office of the future is green, sustainable and cooperative. Case Natixis, a French financial institution, opened its doors in Portugal in 2017 with the inauguration of its Innovation Hub. In this new unit, the company made its main objective to offer information and technology services with a strong focus on innovation. […]

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