Slow Living. 7 ways to live more slowly.

In a world evolving at breakneck speed, it is more and more appropriate to consider “slow living” or “slow life.” This trend became widespread in 2004 but emerged in the 1980s, under a slightly different name and concept: slow food. This movement, created by Italian Carlo Petrini, opposed fast food restaurants, foods wrapped in plastic, […]

Tasteful efficiency. Benefits of the Noocity irrigation system.

Whether with a hose, a watering can, a sprinkler or a drip irrigation system, there are many ways to bring water to your plants — but the best is to water them by their roots. That’s how the Noocity gardening growbeds work: their subirrigation system consists of a water reservoir placed below the cultivation area. […]

Types of vegetables: 20 thousands of species for us to diversify

We cannot accurately quantify the number of types of vegetables in the world. We can say that there are thousands. It is estimated that there are over 20,000 species of edible plants, but only 20 take part on the 90% of the ones we eat. The amount of vegetables we eat is negligible compared to […]

Gardening, a powerful remedy for anxiety.

To varying degrees, everybody experiences anxiety. A painful sensation caused by apprehension, it translates into a cocktail of tension, worry, and insecurity. Although this feeling is common, it is important to make a distinction. When this condition persists and is an obstacle to the smooth running of every day, it may be a clinical case […]

The challenges of rural development.

You know we are concerned about improving life in the city, and making the cities we live in better places. But we also care about rural life, that inspires us and if we aim to bring the best of the country to the city, we also believe in the importance of rural development. So what […]

The benefits of urban agriculture.

Before talking about urban agriculture, we need to know what it is. In short, it can be defined as growing plants, cultivating vegetables and/or raising animals all in an urban environment. Simply put it is agriculture just in the city. It is also important to stress the fact that urban agriculture is more than just […]

A new season has begun. What are you going to grow?

Every new season brings us a chance to be in harmony with nature and learn from her. If you are a gardener or willing to become one, you have faced or will face the challenge to learn what to grow and when to grow. Some veggies will flourish in cold weather whereas others will wilt […]

What to grow in your garden and when!

In the garden, unlike at the supermarket, not everything is available all year round. In theory, we know that spring is always a good time to start something, that the summertime will bring us joy and that come fall, we should get ready for colder and darker days. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, […]

Zero Waste. 8 tips to fully take advantage of the vegetables in your kitchen.

Zero waste is a trendy new concept, but it isn’t just empty hype. Going zero waste means being environmentally, socially and economically conscientious. It means respecting what nature offers us and fighting excessive consumerism. The zero-waste lifestyle assumes that all waste is bad. That can be applied to everything — giving a new life to […]

Healthy eating. Eating well while respecting the environment.

Healthy eating is essential for our well-being and longevity. And let’s not forget the health and preservation of the planet. Not a month goes by without shocking statistics showing us how serious the ongoing environmental disaster really is. It turns out that the food industry is a major culprit: it is the source of most […]

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