The benefits of urban agriculture.

Before talking about urban agriculture, we need to know what it is. In short, it can be defined as growing plants, cultivating vegetables and/or raising animals all in an urban environment. Simply put it is agriculture just in the city. It is also important to stress the fact that urban agriculture is more than just a small garden on your balcony but in fact something much greater, that can and will shape cities. It is fully integrated into the urban ecosystem, influenced by the restrictions, players and resources of the city while also directly influencing them.

Benefits of urban agriculture.

Social and Economical

From a social and economical point of view, urban agriculture has a lot of benefits. It can increase employment by creating work in the maintenance of the gardens or animals. Agriculture in the city also helps to create a greater sense of community by joining together people of different economic backgrounds, ethnicity and age. Urban agriculture could also play a huge role in solving the problem of food insecurity. Of course the level of importance is different for developed and developing countries. For the latter, it could make an even greater impact by providing a stable source of food for a poorer urban population.


By bringing the source of food nearer to the population, less transportation is needed resulting in a decrease of Co2 emission and positively impacting the environment. Urban agriculture can also help to solve urban food waste by introducing a need to convert the waste into compost and animal feed.


Of course, urban agriculture increases the consumption of fruits and vegetables. If you have your own veggie garden, you are more likely to eat it and more often. But it also increases physical activity, on different levels of course, depending on the size of your farm or vegetable garden. Add in that bit of relaxation provided by a little green space in the bustle of the city, and you have the key to a healthier lifestyle. These are only a few of all benefits that urban agriculture brings. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try.

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