Sustainable community growth: JLL’s vegetable garden

Sustainable community growth: JLL’s vegetable garden Cultivating environmental responsibility When global real estate company JLL decided to join the Ground Yourself Programme, many of their employees didn’t know what to expect. Would it be just another team building activity? Were they going to have to worry about maintaining a vegetable garden? But as the company […]

Mountain Path, ground yourself even in the heights.

We caught up with Laurence Bret Stern, former LinkedIn marketing director and CRO of Pipedrive, who is taking us to new heights with her newest project, Mountain Path. What Noocity does in the garden is a lot like what Mountain Path does in the mountains: connecting people and organizations with themselves, with each other, and […]

Learning how to sow.

“Seeds are like little time capsules that preserve the past and transport it into the future.” That’s how the well-known botanical explorer Joseph Simcox describes them. Therefore, learning how to sow and creating the ideal conditions for your seeds to germinate and grow into plug plants is, in part, helping to build the bridge between […]

Nourish your soil for a better, healthier garden.

Soil (substrate, earth, or potting soil) is a medium that allows the survival and nourishment of living organisms. This medium can also be water, which is used hydroponics, or even air, but at Noocity, we prefer to keep our feet on the ground! Living, fertile soil requires a delicate ecosystem balance, a diverse and interactive […]

Community garden: a place to grow belonging and feelings.

Eva Beth and Torsten Oelscher are two German photographers who met in Munich and lived in Paris for nearly 20 years, before moving to Berlin and founding their company “black flamingo”. Their work as “interpreters” between artists, galleries and brands,and the outstanding location of their office at Fahrbereitschaftin a decommissioned gas station that used to […]

Urban heat islands. Hot spots but not paradises.

The buildings we live in are made of concrete, as are our schools and hospitals. Concrete roads take us everywhere. The invention of concrete was revolutionary because it built cities and united the world. But it also has a darker side: its use has led to several problems that jeopardize the health of the planet […]

Alexis, co-founder of Edible Alchemy, proposes us to consider 52 seasons.

Co-founder of Edible Alchemy and originally from Winnipeg, Canada, Alexis is now based in Berlin. The adventures of Edible Alchemy started with fermentation workshops, Microbial Circus Tours and Probiotic Bacteria Bars. The bubbling project has recently turn 8 years old and is still growing in order to spread the knowledge and understanging of helpful bacteria […]

Recipes from the garden: Beet risotto with porcini mushrooms.

Mediterranean cuisine is closely connected to the principles of sustainability, the use of local and seasonal products, as well as vegetables, plants, and other aromatics picked from the garden. That’s why at the SOMOS Restaurant & Lounge at the Crowne Plaza Porto hotel — whose menu is based on this cuisine, considered one of the […]

Compost: 4 steps to do it at home.

Plastic, cardboard and glass aren’t the only materials that can have a second life — bio-waste can also be reused and reborn. In Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries, farmers brought their crops into cities to sell them and, in exchange, they returned with solid waste which they composted and used to enrich their […]

Mulching: what it is and how to apply it.

In the wild, soil is rarely bare or exposed, because plants usually grow to protect it. That’s why, after plowing the earth, weeds appear very quickly. These resistant, tough and particularly greedy plants can weaken your crops by robbing them of resources such as nutrients and light. But fear not — you can declare a […]

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