Tasteful efficiency. Benefits of the Noocity irrigation system.

Whether with a hose, a watering can, a sprinkler or a drip irrigation system, there are many ways to bring water to your plants — but the best is to water them by their roots.

That’s how the Noocity gardening growbeds work: their subirrigation system consists of a water reservoir placed below the cultivation area. It can store 22 to 90 litres of water (depending on the model) which last two to three weeks, depending on the season and the type of plants — and when it rains, it lasts even longer, but we’ll get back to that.

What are the benefits of this irrigation system? It saves water, works autonomously and protects plants from many of the diseases that can afflict them. Let’s explain this in detail, in six main points.

1. The Noocity irrigation system allows you to save water.

When you water plants or soil on the surface, they inevitably lose water by evaporation. Thanks to the reservoir underneath the substrate, water is absorbed from the bottom up, and the subirrigation system avoids that water loss. It’s also difficult to control water losses in the ground (or in other types of gardening beds). The watertight Noocity container avoids this waste. Plus, when it rains, the water seeps through the earth and fills the water tank, so rainwater is reused. Add it all up: you can save up to 80% of the water you would have otherwise needed.

2. An ideal irrigation system for going out of town.

The water in the reservoir usually lasts two to three weeks — so it’s perfect for going on vacation without worrying! Several factors can affect water use, including the size of your plants and the season: the taller the plant and the hotter the weather, the more they sweat and need water. In the winter, the reservoir often stays full for longer. With this device, there’s no waste. The Noocity irrigation system catches rainwater that falls on the garden, and any excess water is stored in the reservoir. And fear not: the Noocity gardening bed also has a drainage system that gets rid of excess water during heavy rain. That way, your roots, which need oxygen and space to breathe, won’t drown or be damaged by excess moisture.

3. No energy use.

Think about what happens to your jeans when it rains: once the bottom gets wet, the water seeps upwards onto the rest of the fabric. This phenomenon is due to capillarity, a property of water employed by the Noocity irrigation system. Thanks to the expanded clay pebbles placed between the roots and the reservoir, we can reproduce the same movement as the water climbing up your jeans. That way, you can be sure that not only are your plants protected from the damages of excess water (if they come in direct contact with it), but also that you’re saving energy. Capillarity allows the Noocity irrigation system to be passive and autonomous, without the need for water pumps or wells. The planet will thank you — and so will your wallet.

4. Plants only drink what they need.

One of the main issues with hoses, watering cans and sprinkler systems is that you never really know if the amount of water being used is appropriate for the plant’s needs. That’s a major problem, since both an excess and a lack of water can cause water stress which hinders crops’ growth. With the Noocity irrigation system, adapted to plants’ needs, that doesn’t happen. The substrate maintains a stable humidity rate, and the plants control the amount of water they absorb through their roots according to their perspiration, or in other words, to their needs. That way, you can avoid both over- and under-watering.

5. Your plants are better protected.

The fact that plants absorb water from their roots prevents their leaves from getting wet, which prevents the spread of diseases, notably fungi that often affect susceptible crops — especially when temperatures are mild, around 20ºC. By adopting good watering practices, your garden is better protected, so you can avoid using pesticides, even organic ones.

6. Less water, more flavour!

Excessive watering can make plants more susceptible to diseases while also speeding up their growth. Yet by trying to manipulate plants’ natural rhythm, you not only need to monitor fungus problems more carefully, but you’ll also get fruits and vegetables that are less flavourful. But once again, with the Noocity garden, that won’t happen: thanks to the irrigation system that lets plants drink what they need, the crops’ rhythms are respected and your fruits and vegetables will be far more flavourful than those you’d find at the supermarket.

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