Natixis vegetable garden: for a green, sustainable and cooperative office.

Natixis vegetable garden The office of the future is green, sustainable and cooperative. Case Natixis, a French financial institution, opened its doors in Portugal in 2017 with the inauguration of its Innovation Hub. In this new unit, the company made its main objective to offer information and technology services with a strong focus on innovation. […]

Microsoft vegetable garden. Growing a garden in the middle of a pandemic

Microsoft vegetable garden Growing a garden in the middle of a pandemic Previous image Next image On a windy morning in March 2020, more than 20 vegetable plots were installed on a sprawling roof in the heart of Lisbon. No one could have guessed that, a few days later, everyone would be in lockdown. But […]

Mob Hotel vegetable garden proofs that you get more by giving.

Mob Hotel vegetable garden Mob Hotel vegetable garden is proof that you have to give more to get more. Case Mob Hotels have been around for several years, and it seems like they were born to be successful. Of all the things that make this project attractive, what really caught our eye was the Mob […]

UNESCO edible garden: Noocity adds this huge project to its portfolio.

UNESCO vegetable garden Happiness is growing in the garden thanks to Noocity. Case There is a clear before and after for the plaza of the Paris headquarters of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Up until mid-March 2020, this huge area in the heart of the city was devoid of any eye-catching elements, […]

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