Alexis, co-founder of Edible Alchemy, proposes us to consider 52 seasons.

Co-founder of Edible Alchemy and originally from Winnipeg, Canada, Alexis is now based in Berlin. The adventures of Edible Alchemy started with fermentation workshops, Microbial Circus Tours and Probiotic Bacteria Bars. The bubbling project has recently turn 8 years old and is still growing in order to spread the knowledge and understanging of helpful bacteria […]

Recipes from the garden: Beet risotto with porcini mushrooms.

Mediterranean cuisine is closely connected to the principles of sustainability, the use of local and seasonal products, as well as vegetables, plants, and other aromatics picked from the garden. That’s why at the SOMOS Restaurant & Lounge at the Crowne Plaza Porto hotel — whose menu is based on this cuisine, considered one of the […]

Types of vegetables: 20 thousands of species for us to diversify

We cannot accurately quantify the number of types of vegetables in the world. We can say that there are thousands. It is estimated that there are over 20,000 species of edible plants, but only 20 take part on the 90% of the ones we eat. The amount of vegetables we eat is negligible compared to […]

A new season has begun. What are you going to grow?

Every new season brings us a chance to be in harmony with nature and learn from her. If you are a gardener or willing to become one, you have faced or will face the challenge to learn what to grow and when to grow. Some veggies will flourish in cold weather whereas others will wilt […]

Tips for planting lettuce in your garden.

If you want fresh, crunchy, delicious lettuce this summer, now is the perfect time to plant it. Lettuce has an especially strong ability to absorb pesticides, so if you grow yours according to organic agriculture guidelines, they will not only grow to be more flavourful, but also healthier. When we picture lettuce, we usually picture […]

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