Community garden: a place to grow belonging and feelings.

Eva Beth and Torsten Oelscher are two German photographers who met in Munich and lived in Paris for nearly 20 years, before moving to Berlin and founding their company “black flamingo”. Their work as “interpreters” between artists, galleries and brands,and the outstanding location of their office at Fahrbereitschaftin a decommissioned gas station that used to […]

Down-to-Earth Art

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that we urgently need to reflect on our relationship with the environment and other living things. Therefore, we must recognize that we all depend on each other, that we are all related and, as chemist and engineer James Lovelock (1979) explained, that together we form Gaia. In […]

Urban heat islands. Hot spots but not paradises.

The buildings we live in are made of concrete, as are our schools and hospitals. Concrete roads take us everywhere. The invention of concrete was revolutionary because it built cities and united the world. But it also has a darker side: its use has led to several problems that jeopardize the health of the planet […]

The challenges of rural development.

You know we are concerned about improving life in the city, and making the cities we live in better places. But we also care about rural life, that inspires us and if we aim to bring the best of the country to the city, we also believe in the importance of rural development. So what […]

The benefits of urban agriculture.

Before talking about urban agriculture, we need to know what it is. In short, it can be defined as growing plants, cultivating vegetables and/or raising animals all in an urban environment. Simply put it is agriculture just in the city. It is also important to stress the fact that urban agriculture is more than just […]

Zero Waste. 8 tips to fully take advantage of the vegetables in your kitchen.

Zero waste is a trendy new concept, but it isn’t just empty hype. Going zero waste means being environmentally, socially and economically conscientious. It means respecting what nature offers us and fighting excessive consumerism. The zero-waste lifestyle assumes that all waste is bad. That can be applied to everything — giving a new life to […]

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