Cultivating knowledge: Carolina’s internship journey with Noocity

In a company’s life, human stories take center stage… and now it’s time to share the tale of Carolina. This spirited young woman joined Noocity for a few months as part of her second professional internship, a requirement of her International Food & Agribusiness curriculum at a Dutch university. For the past four years, Carolina […]

Mountain Path, ground yourself even in the heights.

We caught up with Laurence Bret Stern, former LinkedIn marketing director and CRO of Pipedrive, who is taking us to new heights with her newest project, Mountain Path. What Noocity does in the garden is a lot like what Mountain Path does in the mountains: connecting people and organizations with themselves, with each other, and […]

Spending time in nature has a positive effect on your work life.

We are currently living in unusual times. Over the last year and a half, we were forced to slow down and limit our options for spending our free time. Many of us therefore rediscovered nature as a space of well-being. The parks, meadows, forests and beaches right in front of our doorsteps became places of […]

Slow Living. 7 ways to live more slowly.

In a world evolving at breakneck speed, it is more and more appropriate to consider “slow living” or “slow life.” This trend became widespread in 2004 but emerged in the 1980s, under a slightly different name and concept: slow food. This movement, created by Italian Carlo Petrini, opposed fast food restaurants, foods wrapped in plastic, […]

Prepare your body for winter with the help of Mother Nature.

Fall is a season of transition during which the body begins to slow down. The energy of the summer subsides to make way for calm, which will help prepare the body for the cold associated with winter. This is the ideal time to fill up on seasonal and local vegetables and fruits, which will be […]

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