Learning how to sow.

“Seeds are like little time capsules that preserve the past and transport it into the future.” That’s how the well-known botanical explorer Joseph Simcox describes them. Therefore, learning how to sow and creating the ideal conditions for your seeds to germinate and grow into plug plants is, in part, helping to build the bridge between […]

Nourish your soil for a better, healthier garden.

Soil (substrate, earth, or potting soil) is a medium that allows the survival and nourishment of living organisms. This medium can also be water, which is used hydroponics, or even air, but at Noocity, we prefer to keep our feet on the ground! Living, fertile soil requires a delicate ecosystem balance, a diverse and interactive […]

Permaculture as an everyday toolkit.

A holistic approach to gardening, a self-sufficient ecosystem, a philosophy of working with nature, an innovative framework, a whole-systems design, a holistic world-view — Permaculture’s definitions are as multifaceted as the concept itself.At its core, Permaculture is a portmanteau of the words’ permanent’ and ‘(agri)culture’. The approach was birthed in Australia in the 1970s by […]

What to plant in autumn.

After two colourful, flavourful seasons, the time has come for leaves to fall and for your garden to start taking on warmer tones. Autumn is a period of change in the garden as it prepares for the arrival of the colder months — but that doesn’t mean that it is any less productive, less green […]

Compost: 4 steps to do it at home.

Plastic, cardboard and glass aren’t the only materials that can have a second life — bio-waste can also be reused and reborn. In Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries, farmers brought their crops into cities to sell them and, in exchange, they returned with solid waste which they composted and used to enrich their […]

Mulching: what it is and how to apply it.

In the wild, soil is rarely bare or exposed, because plants usually grow to protect it. That’s why, after plowing the earth, weeds appear very quickly. These resistant, tough and particularly greedy plants can weaken your crops by robbing them of resources such as nutrients and light. But fear not — you can declare a […]

Tasteful efficiency. Benefits of the Noocity irrigation system.

Whether with a hose, a watering can, a sprinkler or a drip irrigation system, there are many ways to bring water to your plants — but the best is to water them by their roots. That’s how the Noocity gardening growbeds work: their subirrigation system consists of a water reservoir placed below the cultivation area. […]

What to grow in your garden and when!

In the garden, unlike at the supermarket, not everything is available all year round. In theory, we know that spring is always a good time to start something, that the summertime will bring us joy and that come fall, we should get ready for colder and darker days. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, […]

Edible flowers, summer colours and flavours!

When warm, sunny days arrive, we all feel like eating lighter and drinking fresher. You can find flavours in your vegetable garden that lend themselves perfectly to summer eating, such as arugula, mint or basil. But have you ever considered delicious, colourful, edible flowers? The list of flowers that can be consumed is a long […]

What you can plant in August.

In August, during the summer’s harshest heat waves, you might think that there’s not much to do in the garden, but think again! Nature is always active: the crops are abundant and offer delicious flavours, and the warm soil is perfect for the emergence of sprouts, as long as it stays properly watered and mulched […]

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