Cultivating knowledge: Carolina’s internship journey with Noocity

In a company’s life, human stories take center stage… and now it’s time to share the tale of Carolina. This spirited young woman joined Noocity for a few months as part of her second professional internship, a requirement of her International Food & Agribusiness curriculum at a Dutch university. For the past four years, Carolina […]

Mountain Path, ground yourself even in the heights.

We caught up with Laurence Bret Stern, former LinkedIn marketing director and CRO of Pipedrive, who is taking us to new heights with her newest project, Mountain Path. What Noocity does in the garden is a lot like what Mountain Path does in the mountains: connecting people and organizations with themselves, with each other, and […]

Learning how to sow.

“Seeds are like little time capsules that preserve the past and transport it into the future.” That’s how the well-known botanical explorer Joseph Simcox describes them. Therefore, learning how to sow and creating the ideal conditions for your seeds to germinate and grow into plug plants is, in part, helping to build the bridge between […]

Nourish your soil for a better, healthier garden.

Soil (substrate, earth, or potting soil) is a medium that allows the survival and nourishment of living organisms. This medium can also be water, which is used hydroponics, or even air, but at Noocity, we prefer to keep our feet on the ground! Living, fertile soil requires a delicate ecosystem balance, a diverse and interactive […]

Community garden: a place to grow belonging and feelings.

Eva Beth and Torsten Oelscher are two German photographers who met in Munich and lived in Paris for nearly 20 years, before moving to Berlin and founding their company “black flamingo”. Their work as “interpreters” between artists, galleries and brands,and the outstanding location of their office at Fahrbereitschaftin a decommissioned gas station that used to […]

Permaculture as an everyday toolkit.

A holistic approach to gardening, a self-sufficient ecosystem, a philosophy of working with nature, an innovative framework, a whole-systems design, a holistic world-view — Permaculture’s definitions are as multifaceted as the concept itself.At its core, Permaculture is a portmanteau of the words’ permanent’ and ‘(agri)culture’. The approach was birthed in Australia in the 1970s by […]

Spending time in nature has a positive effect on your work life.

We are currently living in unusual times. Over the last year and a half, we were forced to slow down and limit our options for spending our free time. Many of us therefore rediscovered nature as a space of well-being. The parks, meadows, forests and beaches right in front of our doorsteps became places of […]

What to plant in autumn.

After two colourful, flavourful seasons, the time has come for leaves to fall and for your garden to start taking on warmer tones. Autumn is a period of change in the garden as it prepares for the arrival of the colder months — but that doesn’t mean that it is any less productive, less green […]

Down-to-Earth Art

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that we urgently need to reflect on our relationship with the environment and other living things. Therefore, we must recognize that we all depend on each other, that we are all related and, as chemist and engineer James Lovelock (1979) explained, that together we form Gaia. In […]

Urban heat islands. Hot spots but not paradises.

The buildings we live in are made of concrete, as are our schools and hospitals. Concrete roads take us everywhere. The invention of concrete was revolutionary because it built cities and united the world. But it also has a darker side: its use has led to several problems that jeopardize the health of the planet […]

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