A mall’s green oasis: nurturing inclusion and sustainability

A mall’s green oasis: nurturing inclusion and sustainability Klépierre & ACIP If you had to list all the benefits of an urban garden, could you do it? After discovering the paradise of urban gardens in the cities of Porto and Guimarães, surely new benefits come to mind! The Parque Nascente and Espaço Guimarães shopping centers, […]

Cultivating knowledge: Carolina’s internship journey with Noocity

In a company’s life, human stories take center stage… and now it’s time to share the tale of Carolina. This spirited young woman joined Noocity for a few months as part of her second professional internship, a requirement of her International Food & Agribusiness curriculum at a Dutch university. For the past four years, Carolina […]

Nature and knowledge sharing among neighbors​

Nature and knowledge sharing among neighbors One step closer to the city of tomorrow Having your own vegetable garden or living in the heart of urban excitement: that’s a true dilemma, isn’t it? And yet, the world is evolving, cities are changing, and they are starting to go green! That’s exactly what the 5° Porto […]

Vestas’ Green Oasis: Where the Garden is the “Apple of Their Eyes”

Vestas’ green oasis: where the garden is the “apple of their eyes” Real living space for relaxation, socializing, and learning What could be better than a company that produces wind turbines also setting up a vegetable garden? That’s precisely the project that Vestas, at its Porto office, has undertaken. When they learned about the Ground […]

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