Vegetable Garden

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The Noocity Corporate Vegetable Garden is
a turnkey solution that provides all the support
needed from seeding to harvest.

An intelligent and customised
vegetable garden solution
Quick and easy to install
Maintenance and engagement included

How does the Corporate Vegetable Garden work?

A custom-made proposal featuring the most efficient equipment

Noocity’s exclusive equipment, with a sub-irrigation system integrated, enables great results with little resources. A modular and versatile vegetable garden solution that can go from a square meter till an hectare.

Turn waste into a top quality organic fertiliser

You can opt on having integrated vermicomposters at your Corporate. Meaning you will be able to compost organic waste and get free organic fertiliser to feed the plants. Besides that, you’ll be promoting a waste-free and circular economy.

A Corporate Vegetable Garden ready to grow
right away

Installing a Noocity Corporate Vegetable Garden can take few hours, in maximum, a day! No building works or tools are involved and it’s ready to grow as soon as it’s setted up. Also, it’s easy to disassemble and instal somewhere else in case you're moving.

Like a business,
the garden needs
a strategic plan
to succeed

Our network of local Growers will ensure the maintenance of your vegetable garden and will keep the teams involved and motivated. We’ve put together a number of unique experiences that will inspire your employees for a positive change.

Here’s why you should recruit
this Corporate Vegetable Garden

Make the most of open-air activities
and get grounded

Act in favour of biodiversity and reduce
your ecological footprint

Encourage social interaction
and promote teamwork

Harvest organic, healthy and tasty vegetables, herbs and berries

Increase your employees’ well-being

Increase your employees’ productivity

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Meet the Growers

A team of local professionals ready to train and motivate your employees

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Pedro Rocha
Filipa Almeida
Priscila Biagioni
André Maciel
Bruno Lacey
Yann Lescouarch
Timothée Olivier
Delphine Breuil
Geraldine Walter
Sophie Chapgier
Carine Chevrier
Samuel Blanchard
Nicola Bernard
Alexandra Devaux
Simon Le Mellec
Alexandre Lefevre

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