Corporate vegetable garden

A tailored, turnkey collaborative garden, from design to harvest.

Noocity unites and leads your teams in the garden throughout the year with the Ground yourself transition program.

Benefits of the corporate vegetable garden

Encourage social connections

Promote well-being

Learn how to cultivate

Support biodiversity

Advantages of the Noocity corporate vegetal garden

The Noocity growbed

The Noocity growbed is an autonomous and productive urban farming ecosystem with integrated low-tech subirrigation. It offers many advantages :

- Ease and speed of installation and maintenance

- 3 sizes to create gardens ranging from 2 to 2000 m2

- Suitable for all available surfaces : roof, terrace, yard...

- Water savings of nearly 80%

- Guaranteed productivity

- Integrated vermicomposting option

The Noocity Growers

Noocity has a network of Growers, gardening coordinators, in France, Belgium and Portugal. The Noocity Growers will assist you in building a garden that fits your needs and space, no matter the structure. The Growers will enliven the garden every month to strengthen team spirit, promote mindfulness and share their knowledge. Their mission is to participate in improving the quality of life at work, letting go and retaining talent.

The Ground yourself program

Noocity offers you a transition program around the garden with full support along the way : co-design of the project, awareness-raising among your teams, recurring activities in the garden with your hands in the earth, regular communications and inspiring workshops. The garden is a collaborative place to sow seeds of well-being, foster social connections, and act for the planet, harvest after harvest.


The Noocity Growers :

an international network with a local impact

Our growers are passionate and experienced gardeners. Thanks to Noocity’s network, they share their knowledge and experience to offer efficient, collaborative and exciting local action around the vegetable garden.

Meet the Growers

A team of local professionals ready to train and motivate your employees

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