Water and irrigation, two simple words which can contribute to over fifty per cent of the success of vegetable gardening. For urban people gardening can be a big challenge – simple things like remembering to water the plants. How many reasons does a city dweller have for forgetting to water the plants? The new Star Wars film, dinner with friends, hitting the gym! No wonder we forget and then over compensate by drowning the plants in water. But this really isn’t great for our little green friends. Did you know that plants can suffocate from excess water? Consistent and controlled water availability makes all the difference. And that’s where water irrigation comes in making sure there isn’t too much or too little…

Solve the problem

You can solve it all with the simple addition of a sub-irrigation system! Planters with a built in system will assure that your plants are correctly watered. How?! through the capillarity effect in the substrate. Huh?! Translated for gardening newbies: a sub-irrigation system allows the potting soil to absorb water for the plants only when they need it. Pretty clever and extremely simple. All that is required from you is to fill the reservoir every week or so and then your plants (with the help of the water irrigation system) will do the rest of the work.

Save time and water

A sub-irrigation system has also the advantage of reducing water loss. Watering your plants in a traditional method from the top means that most of the water is lost by evaporation. While water irrigation systems underneath the soil (that’s where sub-irrigation comes from) protects the water from the sun eliminating any water evaporation.

Less water evaporation means less watering as your plants are really able to make the most out of the amount you give to them. So start planting in planters with one of these systems built in and avoid frazzled vegetables and droopy plants while enjoying a busy schedule in the city!