Small vegetable garden can be all about starting a small edible garden. Maybe because you don’t have so much space available or you prefer to feel safe first and increase your production later, totally agree! But today we bring you another perspective even for those with large edible gardens. What about filling it with little and lovely vegetables?
Here are some small vegetable garden ideas!

Small vegetable garden ideas and little veggies…

…the ones we already know

Here in Portugal where Noocity is based there’s a popular expression: “Ter mais olhos que barriga”. Literally meaning having more eyes than belly or in other words having a will that is not compatible with your abilities. Bringing this to the garden area leads us to the idea of starting small, but that can mean starting with little cute vegetables. Shallots, cherry tomatoes or radishes are some of these petite and tasty examples. You can give a special flavor to a salads or baked goods or preserve them and create beautiful and colorful jars to offer.

Well, it seems that tomatoes are not the only vegetable with a “cherry” edition! There are plenty of species we normally don’t remember about, besides the ones with different colors there are the ones that come in different sizes. This is a must have if you want to impress in the kitchen because anything you cook with these small vegetable will get an automatic upgrade to exquisite. Have your ever heard about the sweets’ parisian carrots? Have you seen a Jack be little Squash, a Roly Poly Zucchini or baby eggplants? They look so cute and they taste even better!

So, don’t stay attached to the mainstream vegetables and don’t think that having small space to grow is an obstacle to grow a wide variety of cute and tasty vegetables!