We all have this idea that rural living is healthier than city living. Less pollution, less noise, less stress… That sounds healthier… but is it really?

Fresh air, nature, animals, quiet life… This is nothing more than a dream for many urban citizens. Escape from the stress and turmoil of the city to enjoy a healthier life in the countryside. Wait a minute, healthier? Where does this idea that the countryside is healthier than cities actually come from?

In fact, some studies show us that this is not necessarily true. If you stop to think about it for a while, you will realise that rural living also means you are further from essential services. For services such as hospitals and doctors, most rural inhabitants need to have a car, and if there is an accident, emergency services will also take longer to arrive…

Of course, in the countryside, air quality is better and so is the food quality, but it doesn’t mean there is no stress. If it took you 2 hours to get to work do you not think you would be a little stressed? And if your income depended on the weather?

So although rural living may seem like heaven, on a closer look, you can see that there are ups and downs to countryside living too… If you were planning on leaving the city for a new life, think twice!

Why not bringing the good things of the rural living to the city and make the best of the two worlds? We have for example some suggestions for those who want to eat better! Just grow your own food and enjoy fresh vegetables exactly as if you were in the countryside! On the fresh air side, we believe that it’s better to solve the problem than flew away from it…. The greener our cities are, the better we will breathe in it! Adopt some easy habits to help reverse climate changes can be really easier than move you whole life to the countryside.
Bring the best of rural living to the city, that’s in what we believe!