You are all set up and now and now you are looking for roof design ideas to create the perfect roof garden. Well you have reached the right place.  In this post we have gathered some of the most beautiful and practical design ideas to help you out. So what are you waiting for, let’s grow?!

What do I want my roof garden to look like?

If you need roof design ideas, it’s probably because you don’t really have a good idea of what you want it to look like. But what you certainly know, is why you want a roof garden, right? Well, the why and what are related, or at least, they should be.

For example, if you want a garden for relaxing where you can sit and eat or have a drink, it will obviously look different from a garden that is meant to be purely for growing vegetables.  You’re feeling more confused? Let’s clarify things.

3 roof design ideas for 3 great roof gardens

1.The urban jungle roof garden

This is for lovers of nature in its purest state. Creating a natural shelter in the city for yourself by filling your rooftop with an abundance of luxuriant vegetation. One of the most positive aspects of this kind of garden is that it requires little maintenance – at least on the trimming side.

The “urban jungle” is the kind of garden where you have a lot of shade, so it can be a really great place to eat, have a drink with some friends, and just relax! A great place to grow your own food, especially veggies that grow in partial light conditions such as lettuce, arugula or spinach.

2.The french garden

These are more regular and geometrical. You will probably love it if you are a very organized person.

It requires more maintenance and more space to allow for the creation of alleys. French gardens tend to be more exposed to sunlight because they usually incorporate smaller trees and bushes.

The french garden is a great roof design idea for those who want a  roof garden where they can wander or bathe in the sun. Also if you want to grow crops that need a lot of light this classical design is the right choice.

3.The modern

This is actually a kind of do what you want garden. Break the genre boundaries and mix it up! If you want space for luxuriant vegetation, to create some shadow and fresher air, but you also want to create little alleys with well trimmed bushes, why not? Modern gardens also tend to be made up of different materials, incorporating both soil and wooden floors with furniture as an integral element.

This kind of garden can seem more difficult to create because you need to combine things just right for them to work well together. The secret is to choose one or two elements you really like and stick with it. The more elements from other design styles you choose, the more difficult it will be to create an harmonious garden.