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The Noocity Growbed is an unique and efficient self-watering gardening system.
It’s easy to assemble and only needs low maintenance. The Noocity growbed allows you to plant a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs anywhere without worrying about time.

Considered as the most effective method for growing food in urban agriculture, the integrated sub-irrigation system of the Noocity growbed, guarantees irrigation autonomy for up to 3 weeks. This way you can produce more while consuming up to 80% less water than a conventional garden! No need to spend a lot of time watering neither, you have no excuses left not to grow your own food.

  • Save water

  • Save time

  • Produce more

Specially developed for urban agriculture,
the Noocity Growbed is suitable for any type of space.

The Noocity Growbed is available in three different sizes.

The Noocity Growbed gives you the autonomy you need
while insuring a productive and healthy vegetable garden!

Easy to transport and assemble!

The growbed comes in compact and lightweight package. It will take no longer than 30 minutes to assemble and all the materials are high-quality and offer UV protection.

  • Flat Packaging

  • No need for tools

  • High durability

Fresh vegetables when and wherever you need

Besides a growing area of 25cm in depth, that allows a wide variety of plant types, the constant water supply and the adequate oxygenation of the roots provides the perfect conditions to grow healthy plants.

  • Healthier Plants

  • A complete garden

  • Safe soil

“The Noocity Growbed is a clever solution to the age-old problem of planter box failures. Wooden boxes rot and can’t be easily moved.
Metal, fiberglass and concrete boxes also break down, they can be expensive, and making the drainage work is an ongoing challenge.
The Noocity Growbed is an affordable, durable, modular option that enables urban gardeners to cultivate a wide variety of plants in small spaces like rooftops and balconies. We have been testing a Growbed on our rooftop farm in Brooklyn for over two years, and it continues to look and perform very well.”

Gwen Schantz
Brooklyn Grange

“Most ideas for new products that I see I find it hard to get excited about…
but the Noocity Growbed is an exception!”

Mark Smith
Vertical Veg

“Noocity Growbed is the perfect solution to build quickly an elegant,
smart and autonomous self-watered bed”

Mickaël Gandecki
Managing Partner at myfood

“I started planting herbs and vegetables in September, thinking it would take some time to see them grow,
but incredibly they grew quickly and so well here.”

Mário Carvalho
Food manager at Crowne Plaza Porto

Start your vegetable garden today!