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Easy to assemble and with low maintenance, the Noocity Growbed Large allows you to plant a high variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Start saving time and money by growing your own healthy and fresh food right now!

The Noocity Growbed Large is the larger and most efficient urban gardening system you’ll find! The same sub-irrigation system applied to a considerable cultivation area, allows you to have a productive and smart Urban Farm anywhere! With 125cm in length, 125cm wide and 35cm high, this smart raised bed is simple to assemble and easy to maintain. There’s no more excuses to get productive!


For those with big ideas and a huge desire to get productive quickly, the Noocity Growbed large (125x125x35cm) is the perfect solution!

The sub-irrigation system, embedded in the Noocity Growbed, is designed to help you save time and water. With the Noocity Growbed your crops won’t need constant watering as our technology has proven to consume up to 80% less water than a conventional garden.

Noocity Growbed Large Benefits

  • Save water: The sub-irrigation system prevents water loss, evaporation and it also collects water from rainfall.
  • Save time: Easy to assemble and transport, it allows an watering autonomy of up to 3 weeks
  • Get productive: It allows you to grow a vast quantity and wide variety of healthy vegetables, fruits and herbs. It’s the best solution for numerous families, veggie lovers with space, or professionals!
  • Smart and efficient: It’s the perfect combination between practicality and productivity. To put it simply – the ideal solution for your veggie garden.

Healthy food

When buying vegetables, fruits or even herbs we need to make sure where that came from. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of farmers taking use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, etc. The good thing about growing your own food is that you get to know how what you’re eating has actually been grown. The Noocity Growbed is perfect for organic gardening, as you can control soil, water, seeds and nutrition.

Healthy life

Having a veggie garden is not only about a better diet but a better lifestyle. Your vegetable garden can provide a little heaven within the busy life of the city, a pleasant spot to have your friends, or to spend time with your family. On top of this by having your own veggie garden, you’re also contributing to a greener city, and a more responsible way of consuming.

You can combine it with our small and medium sized Noocity Growbed for your own custom vegetable garden!

*soil and plants are not included

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Assembling my Noocity Growbed

How does the system works?

Check La Sauge’s Noocity edible garden!

Additional information

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 122 × 32 × 8 cm
Product measures

125 x 125 x 35cm

Product capacities

400L of Soil, 90L of Water, 12L of Expanded Clay or another highly absorbent inert material


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