1. Kind of a Pot – Noocity Growbed

The Noocity Growbed is an autonomous and productive sub-irrigated urban gardening system, designed to grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbsanywhere.

It’s sub-irrigation system brings up to 3 weeks on watering autonomy and allows you to save up to 80% on water consumption. Don’t worry about the daily watering and it’s common mistakes of watering too much or too little! Growing your own healthy and lush vegetables had never been so easy.

2. Watering with less water – Expanded Clay

With the Noocity Edible Garden Starter Kit, watering your plants is no longer an issue!
The sub-irrigation system is completed by the action of Expanded Clay,

Expanded Clay, an lightweight highly permeable and durable natural material. Mainly composed by natural clay, these little balls will absorb the water on the reservoir and lead it to the roots zone. This way, plants will have constant access to water and the need for daily watering will be avoid!

3. Dig in – 100% Natural Potting soil

The use of a good potting soil is a fundamental key in the health of your vegetable garden. The Edible Garden KIT includes a light potting soil, fertile and aerated.

It was tested and approved by our specialist team. The Woodpeat of La FLorentaise, a 100% renewable and dry potting soil, is made up of Hortifibre and coconut fiber. The use of Hortifibre, made from wood shavings, limits the environmental impact and allows oxygenation and more available air compared to a 100% coconut fiber potting soil. The Woodpeat is a material with an optimal air-to-water ratio, which creates ideal conditions for capillarity system and the development of the roots.

4. Sow and nourish – Organic Seeds and Fertilizer

The Edible Garden KIT contains a selection of organic seeds from Sementes Vivas and the best organic granulated fertilizer for 4 months of usage.

February, March, April and MayTomatoes (Yelow Submarine) and Lettuce 4 Seasons
June, July, August, SeptemberGreen Beans and Radishes
October, November, December, JanuaryBroad beans and Peas

Enjoy the pleasure of growing your own delicious and natural vegetables! We are here to help you.