Autumn, the perfect time to plan and think about your garden. Rain and the cold of winter is swiftly arriving giving you plenty of time to read and search for the best options for your garden so here are a few important tips to keep in mind when planning a garden.

6 key elements for planning a garden

What kind of garden?

The first thing you will have to keep in mind is that gardens are changing. Today, it can be a lot more than simply ornamental. Have you heard of edible gardens? A place to relax and enjoy your free time, but also cultivate some of the flavours and freshness that you have been missing.


Where will your garden be or what are the conditions of the existing garden. Is it exposed to sunlight? Is it protected from wind or exposed to strong winds? Are you living in Sunny Portugal or Rainy England? Think hard about the location of your garden, as this will affect the choice of  plants you can work with and  when you should plant them.


Its sounds pretty obvious, but you might want to build your garden on your rooftop. Access to water is a factor that you should always consider before you start to make any further and bigger plans.


If you are planning a garden on the ground this is not necessarily something to worry about, but if you are building on the top of any structure you must look for the type of solution you will use and the weight you will add to the structure.

Garden Function

Think about why you want garden. A place to relax, invite friends, play with your kids and have fresh food for your kitchen? That will give you an idea about the different types of spaces that you need to plan for.


You can now start thinking about the design and what kind of solutions to use. Just remember that, if you do go for an edible garden, you can always count on Noocity and our Growbeds to help you…