Many people come to us asking how they  can insure that their home grown vegetables are organic. Actually, in big cities is is not always easy to insure organic vegetable gardening and a number of factors contribute to this problem. Let’s go through it together.

The importance of the soil

First of all we have to think about what is most essential in organic gardening: the soil. Soil is the base of organic gardening and the soil in cities is not always free from contaminants and harmful compounds. In some cities, like Berlin it is actually forbidden to grow food in the soil, which is why all community gardens use raised beds to grow vegetables, using clean and controlled substrate.  To conclude the first point you should look for organic substrates and a good “growbed”. (By the way, we really don’t mind if you choose the Noocity Growbed to fulfill this purpose.)

The air quality

Secondly in cities at ground level gardens are obstructed by shadows from buildings and are also susceptible to a higher risk of contamination by particles and heavy metals. That’s why the best guarantee for organic vegetable gardening is to do it on the top of the building. Another option is to do it at the back of the building, far away from main roads. Again, in this case, don’t forget about your soil -unless you are willing to do some complex chemical analysis on the soil you won’t know if harmful contaminants are present.

Last, but not least!

Finally you need to insure that all production factors are organic: seeds, plug-plants, substrates, fertilisers and treatment for plagues and diseases.

Organic vegetable gardening is something you learn by doing, plant by plant and at Noocity we are here to help you. So get gardening and give it a go!

Let’s grow?