Who are we?

Noocity Urban Ecology is a start-up founded in Oporto but with global intentions. In fact we have already begun to break into markets across Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, Switzerland and the UK.

We believe that agriculture should be fully reintegrated into the cities of the future. We want to provide the urban citizen with the pleasure and assurance that comes with growing their own food in a practical, efficient and sustainable way.

The city is our “field” of action as we develop and design the best solutions to get major results with minimal effort. Our international and eclectic team have one dream in common: to provide a new green experience for urban citizens, ensuring success in contributing to a healthier and more sustainable and future.

Noocity Team

What do we do?

We combine an innovative product with an exclusive service.
Our products are sustainable and efficient, with high productivity, low-consumption and a guarantee of saving resources, time, and money. These solutions, combined with a specialised and regular service along with tips whenever you need, creates an infinite amount of possibilities. Everything we do is to insure the best results from your garden!

The Noocity Growbed
Coupling an integrated sub-irrigation system with ideal soil depth and an adaptable growing space makes our planters a mark of originality and innovation in urban agriculture. The sub-irrigation system works by providing the plants with water directly from the roots. Through capillarisation water slowly passes from the reservoir to the growing zone according to when the plants require hydration. A pocket of air separates the water from the soil providing the roots with constant access to oxygen. Learn more

How do we do it?

We assess your necessities and create the best gardening solution adapted to the space available. Installation, soil and selecting the plants. Leave it up to us, a flourishing garden ready in a day, without construction work or complications.

Our customers are the perfect example of our commitment to excellence and innovation. Hotels, Restaurants, Companies and Schools can enrich their value proposition with an edible garden and profit from it. Activities at the vegetable garden can work as a catalyst for healthier habits, not only contributing to inspired and innovative processes but also improving their quality of life and relationship as a team.

The planet will thank you!
We know that green spaces can help filter and purify air, but they can also help with rainwater management, they can compensate with overheating in the city and contribute to the mitigation of noise pollution.

Some of our key customers in Portugal

Noocity Growbed Medium Portuguese Presidency
Noocity Growbed Medium Organii Biocosmetics

Quality standards

Our product has been developed and is completely manufactured in Portugal. With close and continuous work with our suppliers we can guarantee a product made from the best possible materials to ensure excellent performance.

We use high strength and quality materials prepared for outdoor use. We maintain quality control and provide customers with a two-year warranty.

At Noocity we strive to make responsible decisions with everything that we do – both in an environmental and social context. We aim for more than just economic viability and strive to contribute to a better and fairer world.