Starting your green space or renewing it ? Here is our kitchen garden plants guide with all the inspiration needed on what to grow.

What can I grow in my kitchen garden?

The correct answer for this question would be : whatever you feel like growing (well, almost). What we are trying to do here is to present you with a few of the most common and simple kitchen garden plants to grow as a beginner – but this guide is also useful if you are simply thinking about trying to plant something new. In short our list is most definitely not exhaustive.


Well of course, what would a kitchen garden be without vegetables? Be sure to plant the vegetables you eat and enjoy the most to avoid waste – although growing your own is is always a great way to try something new. If you have children getting them involved with the gardening is also be a great way to get them eating more vegetables….
Lettuces, carrots and tomatoes are the most obvious choices but why not try giving radishes, courgettes, beans and peas a chance to!


Here are a few more key kitchen garden plants. Herbs are a great way to add different flavours to your veggies, or other plates. If you’re used to buying herbs you will see, just as with veggies, they have a totally different taste when fresh. They are also much tastier and fill the space with a delicious scent – there only seem to be benefits to growing herbs. The obvious ones are parsley or thyme but rosemary, basil and mint can be great options too for various flavours and scents! Save


This is the least obvious kind of kitchen garden plant but they definitely add a touch of uniqueness to your garden. If you are into trying new tastes, you can grow edible flowers such as garlic blossoms (or society garlic), borage or daylilies.

If you have some space left you could also think of growing soft fruits such as strawberries, raspberries or blueberries…

Let’s grow?