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Growkit: our brand-new product is now available on Indiegogo

We have some great news to share with you! We have now launched our second crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. We have been working very hard on the development of our brand-new productthe GrowKit – an Urban Agriculture Kit for Beginners.

The Noocity GrowKit is a new solution that has everything an urban agriculture enthusiast needs to begin his or her home edible garden, regardless of the space, knowledge or even cultivation experience.
It includes:
 One Growbag, an equipment with an integrated sub-irrigation system and the potting soil needed. One Growpack with a seasonal selection of plug plants and the appropriate organic fertilizer. And last but not least one Growguide, a set of five audio guides with practical tutorials for those getting started on this activity.

All this delivered at your doorstep. Check it out:

If you are already in love with the GrowKit, take part in our crowdfunding campaign. You simply need to access the Indiegogo platform to support this idea.

Now, if you want to guarantee your Noocity Growkit Early Bird deal at a special discount price, hurry up and be one of the first backers to get this kit.

Let’s grow this campaign to the next level!

We have already established a first goal from which it will be possible to make the Noocity Growkit into a reality. But, the more successful the campaign gets, the more we can dream on turning our many ideas into real solutions for you all, such as diversifying the colors available or the types of plug plants the Growpack will deliver.How would you like to receive a special pack for Salads, Herbs or Soups?

Go ahead and take part in our crowdfunding campaign, spread the word in your social media by sharing this post. Your help in this campaign means a lot to us. Together we can develop a more conscious behavior and build the future cities we want to live in.

Thank you so much!