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Go organic with your Noocity Growkit!

We are often asked: Where can I find organic plug plants or seeds? We also hear many times, from organic gardening lovers: My plants don’t seem to be developing very well!
This got us thinking, how could we solve these little, but essential, problems and help urban gardeners being successful growing organic food? That’s why, in our brand new product the Noocity Growkit we nor only reshaped the gardening system, but we also included all the ingredients you need to start your edible garden in an organic and ecological way.

Besides the potting soil and the expanded clay we also included in the Kit we’re now funding on Indiegogo pack of plants and fertilizer. The Growpack delivers to you a seasonal selection of organic plug plants and a bottle of the appropriate organic fertilizer, to ensure that your edible garden it’s set and growing right away!

As you may know, each plant has her own season, and while some veggies may love Spring and hate Winter, others grow happily in cold weather and can’t stand the hot season. So, the selection of organic plug plants you’ll receive nor only prevent you from missing out the season but also helps you start learning about which season is good for each plants.

Besides being seasonal, Nature is also synonymous with variety: colors, shapes, tastes, smells. That’s why we tryt to introduce you to different species, some that you might not find so easily on garden centers like Chiogia beet, Colored Chard or Savoy Cabagge and we make sure they all get together just fine!

For those twisting their noses when hearing the word fertilizer, don’t worry the one we’re sending you is not only organic as a tested and effective one! This liquid combination of the right nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) will give an initial boost as your plants adapt to the soil and will keep them nourished as you sprinkling them the nutritive solution weekly.

And for those felling confused about so many information and new items we didn’t even taken into account when you thought on starting your vegetable garden. Don’t worry because everything comes explained on a step by step written and spoken to your hear, as we prepared a set of audio guides.

In conclusion, there’s no other excuse to start growing your own organic food, everything you need will knock on your door!