The rain has most definitely arrived, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere from where we are writing. And while winter slows down all garden activities we must remember not to forget about our vegetable garden. In fact now is the perfect time to sit down with a cup of tea andthink about what you may need for the next season.  Have you got yourself your Growbed? We can certainly help you with that… what we mean is that this is the perfect time to get all your vegetable garden supplies together. Seeds, compost, substrate, fertilizer, treatment solutions, plants, you name it. Plan well and investigate thoroughly all the garden supplies you may need to get gardening as soon as the weather will allow it.

It is also the right time to go through all aspects of your garden. How was your yield last season? What could you have done better?

Time to prepare and to learn

This is not only the best time to assure you have all the supplies you need, but also a time to learn more about plants. Take advantages of rainy days to read and learn more about urban agriculture, growing your own food and other interesting solutions. You can also use the winter time to search for alternative suppliers, looking for local and organic solutions. Is there a local seed bank near you that may offer local vegetable varieties, perfectly adapted to your climate?

Don’t forget about the problems you encountered last season. Now is the time to prepare your self. The moment to learn everything you can about the life cycle of diseases and plagues that have affected production in previous seasons and look for the best preventive techniques. Make sure you have everything ready.

In a month the days will start to grow longer again and hopefully so will your gardening activities, but until then don’t hesitate to contact us if you are needing a few tips.