|Noocity Urban Ecology

PNIC 2016

Winners! Noocity Urban Ecology, was chosen from among 10 great finalists projects, as the winner of the National Award for Creative Industries. It was a pretty good route, but this isn't the grand finale, that will take place in November, when we'll be representing Portugal in the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen!

Noocity at Grow London 2016

We just came back from Grow London in London. Were three days of joy, with interested and nice visitors, excellent exhibitors and a delightful park in an enchanting neighborhood!

Noocity & Organii Bio Cosmetics


The cool store of Organii Bio Cosmetics at Lx Factory in Lisbon has now a Noocity vegetable garden ;)

Noocity on Roof Magazine

The second number of Roof magazine An in & out Magazine is dedicated to the city. What defines a city? It seems that Noocity is one of this multiple possible definitions.

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? These Noocity Growbeds just arrived to Ciudad de México!

Germinate this habit

It was proved that the vegetable gardens can be an excellent teaching tool ;)

A vegetable garden at Oporto’s downtown


At the 17º floor, of the four stars Hotel, Dom Henrique Downtown you will find this restaurant with a magnificent overview to Oporto's downtown, where the mediterranean flavours are filled with the spices and vegetables that are growing at the 19º floor!

Turn your rooftop into a productive garden

Turn your rooftop into a productive vegetable garden with the Noocity Growbed!

Across the ocean…

Across the ocean ... the Noocity Growbed on one of the most important decor magazines in Brazil, Casa Claudia!

Tools free!


Once you built the support grid, put it in the bottom of the textile container.