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Noocity @ Ismael Cala CNNEE


Pedro and Rafael have been interviewed by Ismael Cala for CNNEE yesterday in Miami. Big thank you to BID - Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento :)

Noocity on Roof Magazine

The second number of Roof magazine An in & out Magazine is dedicated to the city. What defines a city? It seems that Noocity is one of this multiple possible definitions.

Across the ocean…

Across the ocean ... the Noocity Growbed on one of the most important decor magazines in Brazil, Casa Claudia!

We’re makers!

Noocity was Highlighted at Dinheiro Vivo, an economics supplement of the Oporto's based newspaper, Jornal de Notícias

We’re on Expresso!

Noocity Urban Ecology highlighted on one of the most important newspapers in Portugal.

It’s a toy?


They inquired us if that was a toy? We said yes: "to play as a farmer"!

We got second prize on Chivas’ The Venture


Chivas created The Venture, to enable a new generation of entrepreneurs to create positive change. We were selected for the portuguese competition and got second prize!

Happy clients!


We stay thrilled when an happy client sends us a picture like this one!

Look who’s talking!

Noocity Urban Ecology on one of the main weekend magazines of the portuguese press, Notícias Magazine.

Vegetable gardens at restaurants


The, Michelin starred, chef and owner of restaurant Pedro Lemos shows his vegetable patch to one of the most popular magazines in Portugal.