|An vegetable garden anywhere

Noocity & Organii Bio Cosmetics


The cool store of Organii Bio Cosmetics at Lx Factory in Lisbon has now a Noocity vegetable garden ;)

A vegetable garden at Oporto’s downtown


At the 17º floor, of the four stars Hotel, Dom Henrique Downtown you will find this restaurant with a magnificent overview to Oporto's downtown, where the mediterranean flavours are filled with the spices and vegetables that are growing at the 19º floor!

Turn your rooftop into a productive garden

Turn your rooftop into a productive vegetable garden with the Noocity Growbed!

Chez vous!


When your client is so cool that makes you desire to be the product! A vegetable garden at Chez Vous, an restaurant in São Paulo that gives preference for organic agriculture and uses the the spices they grow by themselves.

Tools free!


Once you built the support grid, put it in the bottom of the textile container.

Greener squares

Poetry happens when you place a Noocity Growbed near a 16th century monument. This is the community vegetable garden that Ponte da Barca's city hall asked us to install at the town's main square. An example on how, public spaces, can be used to grow!

The coolest place in Lisbon


Here it is Noocity Urban Ecology at the coolest place in Lisbon, the Lx Factory! This is Chef's Nuno Barros vegetable garden at Taberna 1300.

Get productive!

Get an even more productive backyard with the Noocity Growbed!

It’s a toy?


They inquired us if that was a toy? We said yes: "to play as a farmer"!

Pedro Lemos’ vegetable garden


Here's the chef Pedro Lemos working on his vegetable garden, cropping some vegetables for one of his spectacular dishes!