Want to win a Growkit? Take part on our referral contest today

Last week, we have started our crowdfunding campaign for our brand new GrowKit and in 3 days we have raised 50% of our initial goal. [...]

Go organic with your Noocity Growkit!

We are often asked: Where can I find organic plug plants or seeds? We also hear many times, from organic gardening lovers: My plants don't seem to [...]

Growkit: our brand-new product is now available on Indiegogo

We have some great news to share with you! We have now launched our second crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. We have been working very [...]

A new season has begun. What are you going to grow?

Every new season brings us a chance to be in harmony with nature and learn from her. If you are a gardener or willing [...]

Step by Step: Roof Gardens in London

Raise your gaze on the way to work to that patch between sky and building and you may find the occasionally tuft of green [...]

Urban agriculture as a form of community development

Instead of neglect, punish or attack why can't we fight troubled teens, poverty and crime with plants? Strike it with hope in a better future, insist with the achievement [...]

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