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Ups and downs about agriculture

Starting to grow our own food was an essential step for the development and evolution of mankind. But like almost [...]

3 tips to start an herb garden

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Small vegetable garden ideas

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Kitchen garden plants: the must grow list

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What is organic gardening

Nowadays, all we seem to be talking about is organic this organic that for almost everything and anything. [...]

Different types of vegetables

We can't tell you the exact number of different types of vegetables that exist in the [...]

The Rooftop Restaurant: a blossoming trend

About a month ago we visited (virtually)  a rooftop in Copenhagan which plays host to a secluded restaurant and farm. So today [...]

Why planting vegetables is good for your health

Of course, eating veggies is healthy, but now we want to show you how planting vegetables [...]

Fruit or vegetable: can you guess?

Contrary to what you may think this question is not that easy to answer! Take the [...]

Beyond healthy food

Nowadays, we are beginning to see organic food take a prominent place on supermarket shelves. We are starting to find healthy meal options [...]