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Urban agriculture as a form of community development

Instead of neglect, punish or attack why can't we fight troubled teens, poverty and crime with plants? Strike it with hope in a better future, [...]

Is city agriculture the future?

City agriculture is quickly becoming prominent and new ingenious ways to grow in the city are emerging. Urban farms and [...]

The challenges of rural development

You know we are concerned about improving life in the city, and making the cities we [...]

The benefits of urban agriculture

Before talking about urban agriculture, we need to know what it is. In short, it can be defined as growing plants, [...]

3 ways you can fight climate change!

Yes, we all can help in the fight against climate change, and it is not that hard. We [...]

Portugal travels four days on the way to renewable energy

The Portuguese Association for Renewable Energy, in collaboration with the Sustainable Land System Association, concluded that in the [...]

A starting point to a zero-waste kitchen

Have you ever stopped to think about your everyday routine? Think about all the paper napkins, plastic bottles and other [...]

The forest turned into a vegetable garden!

You much watch this vídeo! Learn how Ernst Gotsch changed the dried landscape of Piraí do Norte (Bahia - Brazil), [...]