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Step by Step: Roof Gardens in London

Raise your gaze on the way to work to that patch between sky and building and you may find the [...]

Is rural living healthier?

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Coal to the fire: Do community initiatives fuel gentrification?

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Let’s go up to the roof terrace!

Nowadays cities are mainly grey. Some urbanists preach the prioritization of pedestrians but mostly cars rule the roost. There's no space available we're [...]

Gardens on rooftops

With the growing interest in urban agriculture, a flourishing trend has arrived: gardens on rooftops. They add [...]

Urban and rural life: two separate worlds?

Start researching urban and rural life and you will see that everything is mainly about difference between the two [...]

Brownfield regeneration or greenfield preservation? The London case

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For a new and better urban garden: 3 inspiring examples

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Different pathways to better living in the city

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