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Urban agriculture as a form of community development

Instead of neglect, punish or attack why can't we fight troubled teens, poverty and crime with plants? Strike it with hope in a better future, [...]

Future cities have green roofs

Green roofs can provide several benefits, not only to the building itself but also to the city environment. Besides the mitigation [...]

Ups and downs about agriculture

Starting to grow our own food was an essential step for the development and evolution of mankind. But like almost [...]

Small vegetable garden ideas

Small vegetable garden can be all about starting a small edible garden. Maybe because you don't have so much space [...]

Let’s go up to the roof terrace!

Nowadays cities are mainly grey. Some urbanists preach the prioritization of pedestrians but mostly cars rule the roost. There's no space available we're [...]

Are plants leaving the garden store?

It just takes a quick search on Pinterest for "cool apartment" and plants will start appearing everywhere. You can find Monstera Deliciosa casually [...]

Work with us: Would you like to be a Noocity Urban Gardener?

Are you a passionate and experienced organic gardener? Do you align yourself with the concept of urban agriculture and would [...]

Beyond healthy food

Nowadays, we are beginning to see organic food take a prominent place on supermarket shelves. We are starting to find healthy meal options [...]

Vegetable gardening for beginners

You really want to know exactly where the food on your plate has come from. You desire tastier vegetables grown organically. [...]

Different pathways to better living in the city

You may have noticed we like the theme: living in the city. Yeah well, we do love nature but for [...]